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August 10, 2011


Dear future love, If I ever find you please know that I promise to cherish every single moment we spend together because every moment with you is special to me. The moment you fell in love me I was so happy, So I promise to never neglect you or the love you show towards me and as cliche’ as it sounds know that when I say “I love you”, Know that I mean it and love you with every fiber of my being and all my heart darling. My commitment to our relationship means the world to me so know that as long as I’m with you I will be faithful and honest at all times. Please let’s make a pact that our love is stronger then any argument that may occur in this relationship because to lose you would be like losing a piece of my heart and I would be devastated if I lost you. My love for you means more then any argument so please let’s just sit down and work things out peacefully so we can build a stronger love between us. Well, Just know that no matter what I’m there for you, I don’t care what time it is or what I’m doing and I love you very much sweet heart. Whether you’re near or far I hope one day you come into my life and let me be the one for you, Thank you love.

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