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ngay thang nam

August 9, 2011

  I didn’t think about you much today .. I didn’t want to count how many days you have gone . This morning while  sitting on the table  in the kitchen . My dad tell me to delete the picture I have of you in the desktop & forget about you. He said that you are in a different place & i’m on a different place so I should forget you. I love you a lot , but I will keep it in my heart. I can’t think about you anymore & I really need to forget you for now. I don’t want  to feel hurt anymore. When you pop in my head & I see you , I feel really hurt . I’m tired of love Cu , I don’t know what it mean anymore.  What is love ? Why do people fall in love for ? I don’t want to love  anybody or anybody to love me  . Is that  a stupid thing ? I feel that love is tiresome. It hard to find a nice person. My family’s tell me that I was a lucky little girl since I grow up till now . I was born inside of a red bag & the year i born was the most luckiest year … I use to thought that I was lucky too , but when you disappear that is when I figure out that my life is no longer lucky anymore. I was unlucky that why I lost a person like you. The only person I want to talk to now is Tam . She can understand how I feel & she is a nice person . But she have to live her life too , so she can’t talk to me 24/7 but I’m happy that she is there for me most of the time Cu . I’m happy to have nice friends around me.  I will start smile , feeling happy & be the old me. A lot of people said they don’t like seeing me like this . They said they want to see the talkative Duong , the Duong who always talking & singing .. I didn’t go anywhere much since you’re gone . I went to your house , the funeral & to the mall yesterday with my dad .. It seem like my life is upside down since you’re gone , but I will try to forget you .. I will keep you in my  forever , but in my mind I will erase you in it .. I’m just going to start thinking only happy thoughts from now on.  There is no use to being sad.  Smile and the world smiles back.  Frown and the world turns their back on you.

"Sometimes you just need to be alone. Sometimes not even your best friend needs to know. Sometimes you need to put up the walls so you
 can examine yourself in the peace and quiet. Sometimes the loud sounds need to fade away, leaving only the silence and you; that's it."
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