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August 9, 2011

 I want to go somewhere CU . I don’t want to stay home . Ahhhhhhhhh . I didn’t even know whether if today is tuesday or wednesday … ! i’m tired of everything .. I hate you for leaving so soon . I want someone to come into my life & help me to overcome this nightmare & help me to stop thinking about you. My heart hurt a lot .. I keep thinking about you … I can’t get my head off . Only when i’m on the phone with someone else is when I forget about you . I don’t want to live a life like this . Im really tired . I’m tired of telling people that I’m fine .. ahhhhhh . . Last night I want to scream ahh out loud . School please come by faster … I want to go to school . I want to forget everything . Everyday is a boring day . Every night is a scary night . Every hours you pop in my head . I want to see somebody . I want somebody to talk to me . I need to go somewhere . No one really know how I feel . I start to don’t know what to write anymore . I don’t know what going on in my life . It seem like I lost the appetite to do everything . I don’t have the mood to do anything . Maybe tonight I will ask AnhLam to unlock the phone for me so I can use my old number. How are you doing up there Cu ? I don’t know when will Dan take me to the cemetery to see you . I will buy you some beautiful flower & the OngCuBaCu to put next to your grave . Since you gone I dream about you two day straight .. Friday & Saturday both days on your funeral . One is a scary dream & one is a normal dream .. I hope you already dau thai or being an angel . I hope you can hear my prayer where ever you at . I hope the prayer will help you . I love you ….. I need you more than anyone else on this entire planet could possibly ever need you. I need you to take care of me, to put up with me, and most of all I need you to love me, cause I LOVE YOU.

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