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August 7, 2011

Hello my love ; ) Today is the last day I saw you. I bring the Ong Cu & put it next to your right shoulder , did you see it ? I also put the money heart that i use to fold for you before & you always carry it in your wallet. I put it under your hand. ; D I hope it will cheer you down there. Even though your soul is gone & your body are laying on the ground , but having those special stuff around your body will help you from being alone. I will come over there often to visit you. Im really feeling grateful to Dan Cu , I feel bad that he keep taking me back & forth and keep coming over here , but I will paid him the gas & toll money. : ) I won’t use anybody , just like in our love I don’t use you. Isn’t that why you love me ? Is it because I respect older people , think for other & don’t use other people ? Am i thinking too highly of myself ? hehe ^^ A lot of your beloved friends has come today . Ahh , why did you come to my dream last night and scare me ? I was so scare Cu . You are not the Ong Cu that I know last night , somehow you look like a different person and scare me. I scream in my dream & my sister hear me .. I hope you won’t scare me next time & just come in there and talk to me normal like in real life. Dan dream about you but it was a normal dream , why you do scare me ?  I forget to tell you that some professor from Rodger Williams University come all the way from Rhode Island to attend your funeral . 😀 Everyone said your a good boy & i’m happy to hear it . I’m happy for being your other half because I feel like i’m the luckiest girl alive to have a bf like you . = ) Even though you are gone but I will still love you deeply inside my heart. No matter what you’re my first lover & I won’t forget you . You will be in my heart forever & if one day I do met someone that love me like the way you love me thhat person will just rank as number2 because you’re always Number1 = D grr , my grammar are bad Cu .  I regret for being lazy when I was little . Instead of learning in class I sleep & skip . If i was a great student like you then my writing wasn’t bad like this. I feel so slow ;P I will come next week with Dan to visit you at the Cemetery  .


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