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August 5, 2011

Tomorrow is your funeral. Why are you leaving me Cu , I feel hurt & sad. My chest this day keep feeling weird &  uncomfortable.  I will go to the doctor  and check it out tomorrow. You funeral tomorrow is from 6pm till 9pm  on Broad St & Reed. I don’t want to go see you laying in that place. I want you to be alive & be the OngCu i know  before. Last night I talk to Dan & he said that the ONGCU&BACU that i buy to put where you got hit at , someone  stole it 😛 what a shame. It for you & people are so cruel and taking it. ; ( But i will buy another one to put at  where you you will get burry 😉 I miss you so much Cu. I feel sick & tired. I wish you’re still alive. I miss you a lot  & a lot . I don’t feel  happy anymore Cu . I feel like it so tired to live . My life will be bored without you in it. No  one in this world love me like you . Well my family’s love me too, but their love is differnt. When I ask you to come  over here, you come. You can do anything for me in this world ; ( & you use to said you can die for me too . But  me , what can i do for you ? i’m so useless. Duong nho Cu qua Cu oi . D kg muon khoc nua , nhung ma ngay mai &  thu 7 D se khoc roi se kg bao gio khoc nua. Where can I find another person in this world that look like you & love  me like the way you love me ? It hard to find an honest , caring , nice & lovely person like you. Ahh , yesterday me & tam talking on the phone and we talk about you ; D I wish life can just we over , so I can see you .  I miss seeing you & i miss you more than anything in my life. I’m tired of living everyday Cu . Everyday staying at home since you gone all I think about is you . I need to go outside and feel the fresh air. I wish I can drive so I can go to a river sit there and feel the air . Im tired Cu from the inside to the outside. I want to be happy like before . I want to be the happy me but i can’t . I tried to but then I can’t. I keep feeling sad & tired. You said you love me but now you leaving me here alone & feeling the pain . I don’t want to lost you , come back to me . I pray for you at night & during the day , did you hear my prayer ? ahhh , ChiHue tell me that on the third day you die , I was sleeping and talking in my dream . I keep saying ” Di di du danh suc khoe ne ” It seem like I keep saying that so even in my dream I said it to you . I waited for you to come in my dream and talk to me . I wish you can come in my dream and tell me how are you now . Whether if you’re happy or sad . I want to know . Nho Cu Qua . Hue tell me this last night “in order for you to forget Anh you need to go fine another half of your life. ” Is there gonna be another you in this world ? I want to fine another person that look exactly like you . Someone who care & love me like the way you do . Cu oi , D met wa . D muon gap Cu & nho Cu nhieu lam . ❤

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