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August 5, 2011

This picture look so pretty right Cu ? I remember last week , you tell me that NY look very beautiful & you said you will take me there one day . But now your gone. I want to go around the world with you . I want to spent the rest of my life with you. Now that you’re gone , I then realize how much you mean & how much IYou . If i can have one wish & it could come true , then I wish you’re still alive and be my lover forever. Dan & Chico is coming over to you’re house at 2 . I can’t go until my dad go to work ;-( I want to go to your funeral . I want to see you again . I want to see you one more time before you’ll get burry. I want to said Goodbye to you once again . . .  You are so mean , you should’ve said G’bye to me before you leave. I miss you Cu . I don’t want to cry , but then tears keep falling down. Cu , let me see you for once in my dream . All days today , my heart feel hurt . I can’t barely do the normal things i do . I want you to hold my hand , hug me & love me . I feel so lonely everyday & night . I want to hear your voice. I want you to said GNight Ba Cu & AYE . I remember our talks everynight & text . I can’t accept that you die . I want to see miracle . I want you to stand up tomorrow & be the Ong Cu that i know. I can’t live in this world alone . It a big world & i’m too scare to live. Whenever things get worst , I call you & you would talk to me and support me . Now that you’re gone who will be here to talk to me , love me , care for me , & do anything for me. I feel so lonely . Your dead shock me . 


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