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Ngay Thang Nam (date , month , year)

August 3, 2011

So i see you today … I guess it help me more. I take a picture of you , but should I post it up ? I should only post nice & pretty picture of you right ? I will put it on my flash drive & save it there forever . =D I’m jealous of you Cu . You have a lot of people crying for you when you gone . You make us all cry. I tell myself to not cry but then I cry . I want to be strong = ) I didnt cry much today. I touch your hand and shoulder today , did you feel it ? Today is the 3rd day you gone , but it 4 night ; ) Our asian people said that on the third day you die that is when you know you’re dying . Isn’t it sound complicated ; D   So did you know yet ? Did you see me coming to visit you? Ahh , all of your friend love you a lot Cu . They all cryingg & miss you . I touch your face , hand and shoulder and it feel so cold. I still love you & miss you (muahh) remember to look down and watch me . ❤ I went to 5th st today around Chico house with your father , brother , aunt & uncle. I want to buy a bear for you because your nickname is Gau(bear) but they dont sell at the gift shop store. So i buy the cutie OngCu & BaCu and put it next to where you got hit at , remember to stop by there and see it ; D I might drive next summer but I will come over there often to visit you around Chico house ; D I will buy you flowers & dot nhan cho Cu ; D Em yeu anh . ahh did you heard Dan call you an asshole when we went to the funeral house today ? I look at him and smile , because on Saturday I call you an asshole too . Whenever we argue I call you an asshole , did you remember that ? I’m almost moving Cu , I wish you’re still here so that you can help me moving the stuff and my mom tell my dad a few days before you past away that you will come over and my dad want to see you. But i guess it fate , he don’t have a chance to seee you = D It ok , we all will met one day. When i was little i always stand in front of our religion table (ban tho) & pray. But now since I came here to the United States i forget it all =( I just ask my dad & write it on the phone NOTE so that i can remember it , ever since you gone I start to pray = D At night or on my spare time , I pray for you . ( = I like how you use my phone number for your password Cu  = D 856-361-6431 I seem to forget that number (= But i will remember your number forever 215-687-5143 ❤ & my number 215-450-1760 . Cu oi , nho Cu wa . Cu nho du danh suc khoe ne ; ) ahh , today a few of your friend come such as  Nhi & Morandah  & a few other but I dont know their name ; ) They both cry a lot too Cu . Nhi told me that  she can’t pronouce  the word Sleep(ngu) in Vietnamese. She hug me today Cu & it make me  feel more better  = ) I guess i didn’t cry much today . It not that I dont love you for not crying , but I cry at night already so during the day I dont have much more tears left to cry. I also promise myself to not cry. I will live a happy life ; D Even though you’re gone but I will still move on with my life and live like a normal Duong . My sister boyfriend said “i dont want to see you sad & cry like this . i want to see the talkative Duong. ” Everytime i cry for you Cu , I then stop and pray in Vietnamese for you , because I figure out that there is no point of crying . You already gone & nothing can change that fact . Be safe & be happy Cu . em yeu anh ❤

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