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Em Yeu Anh

August 2, 2011

It been 2 days since you gone cu. I will never forget July 30th , 2011. The day i permanently lost you. The day we will not be with each other again.  Even though you left me here alone , I will still live a happy life. No one will replace you in my heart. I will remember you all my life & no one can take your spot in my heart. Cu cu di di , Duong se o lai ma song mot suoc song vui ve ; ) Nho du danh suc khoe ma di ne. I know when you’re alive the person you love the most is your dad , middle brother & me. Therefore I will help you taking care of them. Maybe this world will end soon , and we will meet again  one day. Therefore you should  go peacefully & dont worry . If your dad sick and I can come over there I will come over and help him until your step mother come over here. But i will help him if he need my help , so you shouldnt be worry up there okay ? Ba Cu se luon luon yeu Ong Cu . Du cho kiep nay minh kg the o ben nhau , nhung ma kiep sau minh se tai ngo lai ne . Hua voi D ne , hua voi D rang Cu se luon luon ngo suong ma nhinh D . Nho o ben  canh D bao ve cho D va moi lang D nhinh len bau troi thi Cu hai cuoi voi D ne Cu . Chiec nhan ma Cu mua cho D , D se deo suot doi suot kiep nay . D se kg lam mat no , vi neu D mat mo nhu D lam mat cuoc tinh cua hai dua minh. Nhung gi ma cu tang cho D , D se du den khi D gia . D kg muon nhinh canh ma nho den nguoi nen D se bo vo cai hop. Em yeu anh nhieu lam . Anh di cang than va vui ve. O duoi nay em se song tot va kg de anh quan tam den em dau = ) Moi ngay D se len day ma viet nhat ky , viet cho Cu doc . = ) Let keep in contacts through here Cu . Last night , when I close my eyes I hope you will come to my dream & talk to me , but I guess you’re busy being an angel so you don’t have time to see me. I’m not gonna blame you for leaving me anymore. It fate ; ) ahh , i forget to tell you , earlier i text your older brother , telling him to take care of your dad and cheer him up. I tell him that if one day your dad sick or need help can he call me ? he said he will try ; ) and then he said  ” thank , i c why my brother love you now” that make me feel happy . But I love you , so i can do anything for you ❤ Remember to support me up there and look down on me. I wont love anybody but you , I will wait till we met .  ^^ em yeu anh ❤ ahh , everyday i pray for you , I tell my sisters and friend to pray the same . “nam mo a di da phat , dai cho ng con yeu ten la Nguyen —- Anh duoc thoat chon me do giang sanh ve mien cuc lac” but my dad teach me to pray for you “Nam mo phat to phat thay , Quan the am bo tat dai tu dai bi , cu dot giong linh ng con yeu Nguyen — Anh duoc thoat chon me do giang sanh ve mien tay phuong cuc lac” 😉 i hope my prayers will help you up there . And it almost our buddhist religion holiday , i will sent a $100 over there to help the Hospital over there in Vietnam  and under your name . Be happy okay OngCu ; ) I will look up at the sky everyday to said Hi to you , so you should look down and make a cloud heart shape for me ❤

(Look at your drawing skill ; ) suckkk ! that bird is ugly[;  )

Inside the card —->

The letter that you handwrite : )

another drawing

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