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I < 3 you Daddy !

June 8, 2011

The man on the picture is the most important man in my life . He is my SUPERMAN ❤  He can do anything for me and work all his life to support his kid to live a better life and a lovely life. Without him I guess my life will be a hot mess : ) When i’m sick he is there  aroound my bed and touch my forehead and see whether if my fever is going down . When i’m bored he make me laugh. When i’m sad he make me happy . When i’m broke he gave me money. When i’m hungry he buy me food . I need to stop writing “when … ” lol but to be honest he is my superman . I love him the most in this whole wide world . No one else can replace this man in my heart : ) Once in awhile , I sent him a text message and said “Ba oi con thuong Ba nhieu lam” . I wish I can said it to him in person instead through text message 🙂 The one thing i’m always feel proud about him is he a wonderful singer. ( = Not everyone can sing vong co as good as him .___. even me hehe  . I sing all my life and my voice sound awful = ) I love my dadd . It almost Father’s Day & i want to buy him what he like ; ) I hope i can save money to buy him an amplifier for him to sing = D  BA OI CON THUONG BA NHIEU LAM ;D “Cong cha nhu nuoi thai son , nghia me nhu nuoc trong nguon chay ra. Mot long tho me kinh Cha cho tron chu hieu moi la dao con” ❤ 

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